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Top Benefits of Owning a Brick Home

Brick homes are perfect if you're shopping for a home or building from scratch. Classic, durable, brick homes have an attractive look that makes them stand out in the neighborhood.

If you're on the fence about brick homes, we've highlighted some of their top benefits that could sway your opinion.


Bricks are made of clay and shale, plentiful materials that do not have to be replenished, unlike lumber.

You can also reuse them for other projects, including landscaping. Bricks can also be broken into smaller pieces to make subbase material or mulch.

Protect against fire and harsh elements

Bricks are great flame retardants. They can contain fire, helping to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the home.

In addition, bricks are better suited for weather hazards and can better handle flying projectiles from hurricanes and other tropical storms.

Low maintenance

You don't have to maintain a brick home much, thanks to their excellent durability. And years after dust and grimes have settled on your brick home, power washing it would restore its beauty.

Unlike wood, you can also be sure your brick home won't rot or be burrowed into by termites.

Noise protection

Brick is a tough, thick material. Because of that, they have great soundproofing qualities and can keep out unwanted noise from traffic, construction sites, and even nearby noise, making your home more comfortable. It's why recording studios use bricks.

Also, you can play music, watch movies, and host a party without inconveniencing other people. A brick home is a great choice if you value privacy and want to keep disruptive noises.

Energy efficient

Bricks keep your home's internal temperature stable by preventing the movement of heat through the walls. In the stifling summer heat, the brick wall will keep the heat out, ensuring your air conditioner doesn't have to work hard.

Similarly, in winter, the heat won't escape, and your heating system won't have to work harder to keep your home warm, ensuring your energy bills stays down all year round.

Highly durable

Brick homes defy external elements better than most materials such as wood and vinyl. They can constantly withstand high weather temperatures without cracking, buckling, or warping - a reason why brick ovens are widely used.

Brick homes also hold up better against high winds and storms. As a result, you could qualify for a lesser insurance premium.

High resale value

Most homebuyers prefer to buy a new home that won't require repainting or repair, making brick homes a perfect choice.

If you have plans to sell your brick home, you can be confident to resell for a high price as it will remain as new as the day you bought it.

Let's build a custom brick home you'll enjoy with your family for years to come. Have any questions or want an estimate, contact us today!



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