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Brick Wall



Brick Laying Styles for Home & Driveway

Brick laying is more than just a technical skill, it's an art form. When you consider all your choices of brick color, style, size and shape, longevity, and other variables, that alone is enough to make your head swim. We'll help you navigate through the choices so your own personality is accurately reflected in the finished work.

You probably realize that brick laying exceeds just the traditional one layer on top of the other. You can have arches, circles, and other artistic features. All these effects can also be laid flat to form driveways and walkways, patios, etc. Yes, Phillips Masonry provides all these artistic brick laying services in addition to the traditional brick laying that we do a lot of.

Stone House Construction
Old Chimney Restoration

What Causes Chimney Deterioration?

Masonry chimneys are typically constructed of brick, concrete blocks, or stone. Freezing and thawing cycles can cause the masonry walls of your chimney to degrade over time. The mortar joints between the stone or bricks may begin to flake, wash out or crack. Sometimes a chimney which was built to vent one type of furnace or fireplace may have been connected to new one. Differences between the new and old system can result in increased condensation and deterioration of your chimney's inner walls. Problems with your chimney can result in poisonous gases leaking back into your home or building and chimney repair should be tended to quickly.

Repointing of the mortar joints and other chimney repair techniques can be used to repair damage. Brick point refers to refinishing the mortal joints in masonry to repair cracked or missing mortar. As a chimney repair company, Phillips Masonry expert masons can diagnose your problem, provide you with a detailed estimate, and fix your problem. Contact us today.

Red Bricks

Keep Your Masonry in Shape with
Brick Pointing & Chimney Repair

Aging masonry can cause major issues if gone unnoticed. Our brick pointing contractors will help maintain your masonry and prevent a complete structural overhaul. By carefully replacing aging mortar with fresh, you can keep your masonry in excellent shape for years to come. Repointing restores the visual and physical integrity of the masonry.

Why Hire a Professional Masonry Contractor?

It is important to get an expert brick pointing contractor to do the proper work on your brick pointing. Shortcuts and poor craftsmanship will result in a job that looks poor and will require another repointing much sooner than if the job had been done professionally. Expert repointing will guarantee the long life of the mortar joint, the wall, and the structure. However, even with careful care, preservation, and maintenance, mortar joints will require repointing in the future but it shouldn't need it for a good 50 to 100 years when done properly. Nevertheless, if the historic mortar joints proved durable for many years, then careful repointing should have an equally long life, ultimately contributing to the preservation of the historic brick building.

Rely on Phillips Masonry brick pointing contractors for high-quality pointing services. Our experts will evaluate your masonry for signs of decay and replace old mortar with joints with fresh new material.

We specialize in brick pointing for every surface of your home or business.

4 Unique Ways

to Use Brick and Stone Masonry for Interior Design

Brick Icon

Brick or Stone Flooring

Brick or stone flooring can be a great accent to an entryway, bathroom or even a kitchen. It can give your home a rustic and incredibly unique look that will have you feeling cozy. It is a great way to bring some personality to your home and can be used in a myriad of ways and with options of many different shapes, sizes and colors.

Stone Column Icon

Stone Pillars

Using stone to accent pillars in your home can make them feel more like they were meant to be there, not just there for practical purposes, as shown here.

Basement Finishing Icon

Unique Basement Finishing

While drywall is by far the most popular way to finish basement walls, that doesn't mean brick or stone should be put off the table. Finishing a basement with stone or brick would give your second family room, game room, man cave, etc. a homey and warm look and feel. Utilizing brick or stone would also give the added benefit of preventing major temperature fluctuations.

Stone Backsplash Icon

Stone Backsplashes

Tile is certainly the most common material used in kitchens for backsplashes but a brick or stone backsplash could add that unique element you've been looking for. Stone is a durable and attractive option as it is incredibly heat and liquid resistant.

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