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How to Know It Is Time to Repair or Replace Your Brick Steps

Your brick steps are a prominent part of the home’s structure. Despite this, they are easily neglected. If you notice a crack or slight damage on your brick steps, you have to take note, as the damage may worsen with time if left unattended. This article will let you know when it’s time to replace or repair your brick steps.

Damaged bricks

A damaged brick indicates that you need to replace the brick. Although bricks adapt to damage naturally, it’s not advisable to leave broken bricks the way they are, especially if they’re broken on both sides. Doing so may compromise the integrity of the steps. If the damage is on one side only, you can simply reset it in the opposite direction.

Leaning or unstable structure

Suppose you notice your bricks steps are leaning (tilted in one direction) or unstable. In that case, it is time to replace the bricks immediately, as further delay puts everyone using the steps and people who move around it at a massive risk if the structure collapses. Replacing the bricks helps to prevent the steps from getting damaged beyond repair.

If the bricks can be moved

When brick steps are old and worn out, it is easy to move them around. If you can remove the bricks from your step structure, then it is a glaring sign that it needs to be attended to as soon as possible.

Moveable bricks can mean two things; the plastering has worn out, and the masonry needs to be fixed appropriately, or there's a forceful impact on the brick that may result in the breakage—either way, the only solution for moving bricks is an immediate replacement.

How long the brick step has lasted

Brick steps are known to last 100 years and even more. However, this is no excuse for leaving them without any maintenance. If your steps are very old or have lasted quite a while, then it clearly indicates that you need professionals to replace them.

Delaying repair or replacement can be dangerous

If you notice any sign that indicates your brick steps need to be replaced or repaired, it is dangerous to delay any further. A professional mason knows where and how to detect problems on the brick steps. Contact us at Phillips Masonry; we are well-trained, experienced, and will deliver satisfying solutions.



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