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When Do I Need a Retaining Wall

Building a retaining wall is one the best way to protect your home from erosion, landslides, and flooding. A retaining wall not only gives your home durability but also improves the quality and appearance of your home.

But you may be wondering; “when do I need a retaining wall.” We’ll let you know in this post.

For the diversion of rainwater

Water, if uncontrolled, can be a destructive element in your home. It can get into your basement and weaken your foundation.

If you need to control the flow of rainwater, a well-constructed retaining wall is the best you can ever think of. It also prevents the erosion of the soil your home needs for stability.

To prevent erosion

Without a retaining wall, there is a high chance that your foundation can become weak due to soil erosion. This is when your home's resilience is jeopardized because of the gap created by soil erosion

If you live in an area where you want downhill erosion to be controlled or prevented, a retaining wall will prevent soil from falling down and out of your home's underground.

You need a land extension

You will need an extra piece of land to make a patio or additional parking space. Installing a retaining wall will make a huge difference because you can make usable land on slopes, and the flat area can then be turned into a garden.

You live in a flood-prone area

You need a retaining wall if you live in a flood-prone area. Retaining walls have drainage stones that allow water to flow appropriately instead of building up in your yard.

You need your home to have a definition

A retaining wall can help to create exciting terraces and defined spaces that encourage stability, creativity, and different unique, defining styles.

A bad or old retaining wall

Since nature always finds its way into everything that we do, it is no news that retaining walls can become damaged over time. A landscape contractor can check your wall and make it return to its initial structure and function.

To add aesthetic to your home

You can build a retaining wall to add more beauty to your home. You can use different designs, and you can meet your landscape contractor before you make your final decision.

You need more seating

The top of a retaining wall can be a perfect area for seating, especially if your home is not all that spacious. You can host your visitors there and make it a sitting area for other people.

There is nothing like having a masonry expert who can build a quality retaining wall for your needs.

If you need solutions based on some of the things stated above, contact us at Philip Masonry to provide you with the quality wall you desire.



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