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When Should I Repoint My Chimney?

Chimneys don't often come to mind when maintaining the home. However, they can spell trouble when they begin to deteriorate due to the elements.

Repointing can keep your chimney in excellent condition, preventing chimney damage, which costs thousands of dollars to rebuild.

Chimney repointing involves removing the external layer of the mortar joints and replacing them with new materials.

When you notice the signs below, it's time to repoint your chimney.


Whether large or small, cracks will let water into the chimney, putting its entire structural integrity at great risk.

If you notice cracks in your chimney, schedule an inspection immediately and get it repointed.

Rusty fireboxes

Excess moisture can find its way to the firebox or even the damper, causing rust. If your firebox is rusty, you probably have a cracked mortar allowing in water.

Of course, there could be other reasons for the rust, which is why you should contact a masonry professional for an inspection.

Damaged mortar

If the mortar is starting to fall off, it's an obvious sign that it's old and cannot hold together the chimney's bricks.

Maybe the mortar isn't flaking yet, but you noticed it has started to change color.

That also indicates that the mortar is weak and will begin seeping in water if it isn't already.

Spalling brickwork

If water is getting into the brick and causes it to separate from the chimney, you have a spalling issue.

With spalling, the risk of chimney collapse is very high, especially if the stoneworks are already falling off. Whichever the case, you need to have a professional look at it immediately.

Damaged wallpaper

Excess water can cause the wallpaper surrounding your chimney to go Yellow.

If you have a yellowed wallpaper, there's a chance that water is already entering the chimney, which may lead to structural damage.

Contact a local masonry expert asap to find the problem and fix it.


If you've noticed any of the signs above, it's time to repoint your chimney. While you may want to give it a go yourself, it is not advisable.

The delicate nature of chimneys, especially older ones, call for careful and professional handling. If not done properly, you may have more problems on your hands.

Live in the Pittsburgh area? Our masonry experts will give your chimney a thorough inspection to identify the problem and fix it. Contact us today to get started.



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